Welcome to the LifeBank Foundation

LifeBank Microfinance Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock and non-profit
organization engaged in micro-financing initiatives that advances
comprehensive and sustainable development in rural and urban areas
through integrated social services. We are a major catalyst in breaking the
chains of poverty in the Philippines.


To Our Clients
We will provide a range of financial and social services
and partner with like-minded institutions
to respond to the needs of our clients.

To Our Partners
We will work together
for the benefit of the poor and society.

To the Communities We Serve
We will be a catalyst for poverty reduction
and a model of social responsibility.

To our fellow LifeBankers
We will have a culture of excellence,
providing opportunities for the personal, professional,
and spiritual growth and development of all.


LifeBank is a major catalyst in breaking the chains of poverty.

LifeBank is a leading provider of microfinance
and an important partner in social programs
towards empowering individuals, families, and communities
through a culture of caring and sharing.