Access to education is without a doubt one of the most fundamental elements of breaking out of poverty. LifeBank Foundation has set education as one of its core areas of focus for SSDD programs, and assists both members and non-members through the following initiatives:

  • Education Scholarship Program (ESP)
    • The ESP is LifeBank’s primary program for assisting underprivileged Filipinos in attaining higher education. Through this scholarship program, the SSDD sponsors hundreds of students every year. Since its inception, this program has placed thousands of students in colleges all over the country, granting many families their first-ever college graduates.
  • Sports, Arts, and Culture (SAC)
    • The SAC initiative aims to encourage holistic growth for youths all over the country. By funding programs that allow children to participate in sports, arts, and cultural activities, LifeBank Foundation works to give children access to enriching experiences that will help mold them into better citizens and community members.
  • Action for the Care and Development of the Poor in the Philippines (ACAP)
    • ACAP is an organization that is dedicated towards giving street children empowerment through education, arts, and skills development.
  • Light for Education
    • Light for Education works to provide affordable solar lights to rural families that live in remote areas that are not connected to any power grids. By providing these families with sustainable light sources, this program works to give rural children more time to study, read, and improve their education. 
  • Gamot Cogon Institute (GCI)
    • GCI is an alternative school located in Iloilo that strives to provide a world-class education for all members of society, regardless of income levels.