Health and Disaster Risk Reduction Management

Worldwide, it is always the poorest sectors of society that are mostly affected by sickness, disasters, and climate change. By developing programs to improve the health of these communities, help prepare them for disasters, and provide aid to those hit hardest, LifeBank Foundation works to create a safety net for those in need.

  • Medical Missions
    • LifeBank Foundation recognizes the importance of prevention in maintaining healthy communities and sponsors several medical missions to poverty-stricken communities that help increase health awareness and provide direct interventions to those who need it most. 
  • Community Preparedness & Disaster Management
    • LifeBank Foundation partnered with the Philippine Red Cross to develop and propagate disaster preparation and management training to communities all over the country. These training sessions help create champions in the community that are critical in managing safety in times of disaster.
  • Disaster Relief Assistance
    • When disaster strikes, the most vulnerable sectors of society are often left without food, aid, and shelter for extended periods of time. LifeBank Foundation’s disaster relief assistance works to get critical aid to disaster areas as soon as possible to help offset the damage wrought by natural disasters.