The Ikabuhi Microfinance Program, commonly known as IMP, is a primary program of Lifebank. It is a developed method that seeks to reach out to enterprising poor families who lack the access to conventional banking funding and other related services by providing small, non-collateral loans at their doorsteps.

Lifebank account officers holding a group meeting.

Under the Ikabuhi Microfinance Program there are several loan products, including:

Small Business Loan
A new loan product with flexible terms designed to accommodate IMP enterprising members who need to loan
more than the regular project loan amount offered to be used as additional capital for their income generating

House Repair and Improvement Loan
A newly introduced loan product not just limited for the post effect of worse natural calamities, but also aimed at
enabling borrowers to address their needs in house repair and improvement.

A support service that ensures the protection of low-income enterprising mothers and their families against specific perils and other unforeseen risks involved.

Emergency Loan
The Emergency Loan is provided to the clients for emergency circumstances such fire, accident, hospitalization, death/funeral, and other crisis situation. This is a minimal amount offered only during emergencies

Savings Products
Compulsory and Voluntary Savings products are small amounts collected every week from IMP members that may either be additional deposited money or from their excess earnings. This mechanism has encouraged members to save more so they have spare funds to utilize especially during emergencies.

Sammy Grinio, Lifebank borrower since 2011 who has been able to grow and expand her sari-sari store business thanks in part to the loans she avails of from Lifebank Foundation's IMP.

LBF is a non-profit entity. In pursuit of our vision, we use a significant part of our resources to fund numerous social services programs. To learn more of the many programs Lifebank Foundation supports, please head over to our Programs Section.

Account officers often travel long distances to service thousands of borrowers located in remote areas.

To date, the IMP has helped thousands of entrepreneurs all over the country grow their businesses. To hear some of these success stories, please have a look at our Stories Section, where we document some of the lives that have been changed by IMP.